Why we need wind energy

Obama has been re-elected, and he is in favor of financing wind energy through subsidies. We need to take action on these options while we still can.

Wind power needs to be a part of Vermont’s energy portfolio.

By implementing wind energy, we will reduce our need for fossil fuels.

It is a fact that we will run out of coal and oil to burn for energy. When that time comes, we will need a solution. That solution is wind, and this is the time.

Wind energy doesn’t release harmful emissions into the atmosphere while it’s operating, unlike nonrenewable energy sources.

Climate change is happening now, and we need to work to mitigate these changes or we will see more devastating storms in our future.

They are an incredibly efficient way to produce energy. On top of all these fantastic reasons to love wind power, it will create jobs in the state of Vermont and a financially stable energy future.

We need a replacement for Vermont Yankee, and wind energy is that replacement in order to keep the dollars we spend on electricity in the state. Vermont needs to be a leader in renewable energy, and wind has to be a part of that solution.

Jillian Spies, http://www.timesargus.com/