Solar power project in Balochistan

Balochistan government is implementing Rs 888 million Solar Energy Home Project under which around 300 villages in parts of the province would be electrified.

Provincial Finance Department sources told APP here Monday that nature had endowed the province with immense opportunities for generation of solar, wind energy and geothermal energy.

“The provincial government has already set-up Balochistan Energy Company for promotion of renewable energy which had duly been registered by SECP”, the govt currently spends Rs 3b on subsidy for around 15600 tube wells in  agriculture sector and with exorbitant increase in power tariff the govt would hardly manage to continue subsidy.

The govt has a plan to convert all these tube-wells to solar-energy run at a cost of Rs 5b. Balochistan Governor House, Chief Minister and Civil Secretariat would also be made equipped with solar energy system.

The project would cost Rs 450m. Besides, all divisional headquarters would also have solar energy lighted street systems at a cost of Rs. one billion. One billion has been set aside for installing wind masts at coastal belt of the province. These strives by the government would greatly help check increasing prices of petroleum prices,the sources added.