Algeria eyes 40 pct of power production from wind energy and solar power by 2030

Algeria will be generating 40 percent of its local power production from renewable energy by 2030, CEO of government-run energy supplier Sonelgaz, Noureddine Bouterfa, said Sunday.

“The government earmarked a budget worth 60 billion U.S. dollars to carry out this objective, as part of Sonelgaz’ national program of renewable energies development (2011-2030),” Bouterfa was quoted as saying by the local radio.

The period going from 2011 to 2014 is a step “to delineate the projects as well as the required technical and the financial means, ” he said, adding that “some projects are already under construction.”

Bouterfa further cited a couple of ambitious projects that Sonelgaz is working on, including a photovoltaic power station in the southeastern province of Ghardaia, a wind power plant in the southwestern province of Adrar, and a photovoltaic panels plant in Rouiba, southern Algiers.