Nordex wind turbines supplying electricity for BMW’s plant

Four N100/2500 multi-megawatt wind turbines are to go into operation on the premises.

Wind turbine manufacturer Nordex has been awarded a contract for the delivery and installation of four wind turbines at BMW’s production plant in Leipzig.

Nordex will be installing the turbines on the top of 140-metre high towers to ensure maximum utilisation of the local wind conditions.

In this way, the annual yield of the turbine will be up to 20% greater than with conventional 100-metre towers.

Construction work at the site commenced in September to ensure that clean energy will be available for motor vehicles production at the plant by spring 2013 at the latest.

The customer and operator of the project is wpd AG, Bremen, which has entered into a long-term contract with BMW for the supply of the electricity produced by the wind turbines.

wpd is one of the most successful developers of wind power projects in Germany. “On-site facilities for supplying large industrial plants with electricity are a new and important market for our sector. Accordingly, I am pleased that wpd has selected us for the BMW project,” says Lars Bondo Krogsgaard, a member of Nordex SE’s Management Board.