Wind Energy in Canada to grow by nearly 20 per cent

The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) released the forecast at its annual conference in Toronto.

Canada commissioned 1.267GW in new wind energy capacity in 2011 representing C$3.1bn ($3.16bn) in new investment.

The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) is forecasting nearly 20 per cent growth in wind energy capacity in Canada in 2012. An additional 1,200 MW of clean energy will come on line by the close of 2012, the second consecutive year with well over 1,000 MW of newly installed capacity.


These estimates were announced today at the opening of CANWEA’s 28th Annual Conference and Exhibition in Toronto.


Canada will see wind energy projects commissioned in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia in 2012. Over 60 per cent of Canada’s new wind energy capacity in 2012 will be installed in Quebec.


Every 1,000 MW of new wind energy drives $2.5 billion in investments, creates 10,500 person-years of employment, and provides enough clean power for over 300,000 Canadian homes, said the Association.


‘Ontario’s wind energy industry continues to create good new jobs for Ontario’s manufacturing sector in places like Hamilton, Niagara, Chatham and Tillsonburg, but we are really just getting started. With political leadership and continued policy stability, wind energy will deliver on its promise of providing the clean, safe electricity that Canadians want.’


Canada will have over 6,400 MW of installed wind energy capacity by the end of 2012. Ontario will remain the provincial leader with over 2,000 MW; Quebec and Alberta will follow with approximately 1,600 MW and 1,100 MW respectively. Nova Scotia has proven itself a leader in the establishment of a program to support community-based wind energy.


Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are all moving forward with new requests for wind energy in 2012 and projects are currently under construction in several provinces, particularly Quebec and Ontario.


CanWEA is also confident that Quebec will move ahead with a fourth call for tenders this year, leading CanWEA to project a record year for wind energy development in 2013.


‘There are many examples of leadership in supporting renewable energy across Canada, but we must see more action by governments in British Columbia and Alberta to capitalize on those provinces’ enormous wind energy potential. Canada can be a world leader in producing clean energy that reduces our greenhouse gas emissions,’ said Hornung.


‘This is not about tomorrow or some future that we can dream about. This is about taking responsibility today.’


Senior executives representing national and international companies such as GE, Siemens, and TransAlta participated in today’s opening plenary session to discuss Ontario’s success to date and the work required to build on this solid foundation to capture even more economic and environmental benefits for the province.