Brazil Braxenergy to install two 30 MW photovoltaic solar power plants

Brazilian renewable energy developer Braxenergy filed a request with local energy sector watchdog Aneel for the installation of two 30 MW photovoltaic (PV) solar plants, Juazeiro I and Juazeiro II, and their respective transmission systems.

Braxenergy plans to install the ventures in Brazil’s northeastern Bahia state.  Aneel has also received a request for the installation of another PV plant, named Capitao Eneas, whose envisaged capacity is 34.776 MW. The project belongs to Brazil’s solar energy firm Sky Energia Solar and is intended to be developed in southeastern Minas Gerais state.

By law, filing a request for authorisation with Aneel is the first step of a process in which the project manager may initiate consultation with Brazil’s National Electricity System Operator (ONS) and the respective energy distributors for access to the grid. The application is also necessary for the start of the environmental licensing of the planned facility.