T-Solar Consolidates its International Expansion With New Photovoltaic Projects in the United States and Puerto Rico

  • Two new projects will contribute 100 GWh a year to the electricity grid upon coming online in 2H 2013
  • The T-Solar Group manages 283 MW under operation and construction in Spain, Italy, India, Peru, the USA and Puerto Rico
  • The company  has a further 400 MW under development

The T-Solar Group, one of the major independent power producers in the solar photovoltaic electricity generation market is continuing its international expansion with the development of 55 MW of contracted projects in the United States and Puerto Rico.

The new US project is located in El Centro, California, and is expected to generate 52 GWh annually upon completion. The Puerto Rico plant is located in the municipality of San Germán and will generate 48 GWh.

Total investment in the two photovoltaic projects is expected to be $160 million.

And another 44 MW under operation in Peru

As part of its international growth and expansion plan, T-Solar is scheduled to shortly bring online two photovoltaic plants currently under construction in Peru. In 2010, the Government of Peru awarded T-Solar a 20-year contract to supply photovoltaic solar power produced in the Arequipa region. These plants, which will add a total of 44 MW to the system, will be the first large-scale photovoltaic solar projects in Latin America.

While constructing 12.3 MW in India

T-Solar is continuing expansion in India, where the company currently operates a 5 MW photovoltaic power plant in the state of Rajasthan and expects to interconnect a 12.3 MW plant in Gujarat by the end of the year.


T-Solar is a leading international developer and independent Power Producer in utility-scale photovoltaic solar sector. A subsidiary of Isolux Infrastructure, it has an installed capacity of 216 MWp across 45 operating plants, distributed over Spain (34), Italy (8), India (1) and Peru (2), with a further 67 MW under construction in India, California and Puerto Rico. The company’s photovoltaic solar power plants currently generate over 250 GWh a year, equivalent to the average annual electricity consumption of a town of 55,500 households. In 2011, the T-Solar Group revenues exceeded €125m and of its project asset base represented a total investment of over €1.2 bn.