Enercon ownership transfers to foundation

Wobben has transferred his shares to the family trust to preserve the independence of the wind energy company into the long term.

Dr Aloys Wobben of Aurich has transferred his shares in the business to the Aloys-Wobben-Stiftung (trust according to German civil law) with final and binding effect as of 1 October 2012. The Aurich-based family trust is thus the sole shareholder of the ENERCON group of companies.

By establishing the trust, Dr Aloys Wobben – a trailblazer in the wind energy sector – intends to preserve both his lifetime achievement and the independence of the leading German and European wind turbine manufacturer in the long term. As a result, ENERCON’s corporate strategy will be permanently focussed on sustainability and a future-oriented outlook.

“I am retiring from active business for reasons of health and would like to thank all my employees who have contributed to our success by committing themselves to our vision of ‘Energy for the World’. My wish is that you will be able to continue working together confidently as a team also in the future,” Dr Aloys Wobben said when asked for the reasons for choosing this solid succession plan. This trust will be the basis for a transition, at the same time maintaining ENERCON’s stability and keeping the continuity of its corporate strategy.

The Aloys-Wobben-Stiftung is going to exercise the shareholders’ rights of all companies belonging to the ENERCON group, thus being responsible for the continued existence and success of the ENERCON group in the long term.

Members of the trust’s board of management include the managing director of ENERCON GmbH, Hans-Dieter Kettwig, as chairman, Nicole Fritsch-Nehring as vice chairwoman, and Simon-Hermann Wobben as member of the board.

In the setting of the trust’s establishment the management of ENERCON GmbH has been partly reorganized. The current “Prokurist” [authorized signatory] of ENERCON GmbH, Nicole Fritsch-Nehring, was appointed as another managing director of ENERCON GmbH. ENERCON Sales Director Stefan Lütkemeyer was appointed as another “Prokurist”.