Hatch is a key player in Alberta’s wind energy generation

An article in the September 2012 issue of enerG magazine on wind power in the Canadian province of Alberta focused on Hatch’s involvement with Suncor’s 88-MW Wintering Hills project, located in southern Alberta.

Wintering Hills is the largest wind power project in the province and Hatch’s fifth wind project in Alberta, after Taber, Chin Chute, Kettles Hill and Magrath.

Alberta is a leader in both conventional and alternative energy.  The province has been a major producer in natural gas and oil for decades.  Its production of wind energy continues to climb; in 2011 the province was ranked third in Canada in wind energy production, generating more than 891 MW.

Hatch supplied EPCM services to the project and arranged for road share agreements with oil and gas companies to cut down on the amount of roadways that had to be built to access the site.

Hatch has been involved in many of Suncor’s wind projects, and had the experience and expertise required for the Winterng Hills project.

The article can be found in the September/October 2012 edition of enerG magazine.