Danish research test center for large wind turbines

The new Danish research test center for large wind turbines, located in Østerild, Denmark, is signaled with Obelux LED high-intensity aviation obstruction lights.

The test center comprises seven wind turbines up to 250 meters in height and two 250-meter-high light masts. These two light masts are equipped with Obelux LED high-intensity lights, first time in the world in wind energy industry.

This national wind test site at Østerild is established by the institute Wind energy, the technical university of Denmark. This research center is vitally important for consolidating and expanding Denmark’s leading position within the wind energy sector.

Obelux LED high-intensity obstruction lights were installed in the national wind test site in Denmark in 2012

The light masts and LED lighting systems are erected and installed by YIT A/S. “Obelux LED obstruction lights were chosen due to their extremely long maintenance free life-time. LED lights will save us a lot of unplanned site visits compared to conventional light sources, and thus, decrease the total cost of ownership”, says Niels Riis, YIT A/S.

Since the masts are 250-meter-high, the high-intensity lights will be installed on three levels on each mast: 83 m, 167 m and 250 m above the ground level. On each level there will be three 120° beam light heads which cover the full 360°, as required by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

During the day, the flashing white light effective intensity is 200 000 cd and it delivers a total of 120 000 lumens. At night, the light is reduced to 2 000 cd, and twilight mode will give 20 000 cd. On each level there is a light head controller which takes care of the power supply, fault monitoring and synchronization of the lights. A control panel, situated on the ground floor, besides synchronizing the system according to atmospheric light, allows GPS synchronization between the masts and provides an alarm signal through GSM or Internet. The communication between all the devices happens through fiber optic cables.

The LED lighting system has an extremely long maintenance-free operating time compared to conventional solutions. In addition, Obelux offers exclusive 5-year warranty for all of its products –the longest in the industry.

Obelux Oy is known for its continuous innovation in LED aviation obstruction lights and responsiveness in meeting industry needs. Having delivered projects to 50 countries in the world during the past 15 years, it has built a reputation for high quality, reliability and performance. Obelux’s products, designed and manufactured in Finland, are compliant with ICAO and FAA rules. As one of the oldest companies in the world focusing only on LED technology, Obelux Oy is trailblazing high-intensity LED innovation.