Wind Energy Update: Major European Utility Commits To Tidal Energy Meeting

With commitment from Vattenfall, RWE nPower, Siemens, Alstom, ABB as well as Kawasaki Heavy Industries, the Ocean Renewable Power Company, and Atlantis Resources Corporation, the 6th International Tidal Energy Summit (28-29 Nov. London) sets the stage for the next generation of commercial tidal development.

Vattenfall, Europes largest operator of wind power, this week committed to the tidal industry meeting point this November in London.

With 3.4TWh’s of wind power generated in 2011, Vattenfall is heavily invested in renewable energy. Realising the importance in diversifying into power generation assets, the major utility is looking to expand its reach from wind and wave to tidal power.

This provides yet another reason to be positive for an industry arguably experiencing it most successful 12 months. With high profile commitment major industrial OEMs, and the increase of 2 to 5 ROCs, confidence in developers and manufacturers has never been higher.
This has however been tempered with the challenges faced by new device developers to secure finance or industrial backing for their concepts. While ideas supported by sound engineering undoubtedly form many of the projects in the industry, there is seen to be a lack of commercial and business experience that is so crucial in moving to the next stage of commercial power generation. It is hoped that with the commitment of major international stakeholders such as Vattenfall, Siemens and ABB, the industry will progress fast towards the goal of commercially viable multi device tidal arrays.

Backed by the confidence of industrial heavyweights, the industry gears up for the most anticipated tidal industry collaboration meeting this November.

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