Gamesa deploys new wind turbine to Minnesota wind farm

Gamesa’s G97-2.0 MW Class IIIA wind turbine has nacelle enhancements and a newer, more aerodynamic blade design that optimizes energy output.

The 36 MW Big Blue Wind Farm in Minnesota will feature Gamesa Technology Corp.’s newest wind turbine model designed specifically for low-wind sites making wind energy development accessible to a broader region.

These advancements make it possible to bring wind power into locations that normally would be unsuitable for development.

Exergy Development Group will install 18 Gamesa turbines on 78-meter towers at its Big Blue Wind Farm in the city of Blue Earth, located in south-central Minnesota’s Faribault County, which rests along the state’s border with Iowa.

Minnesota is among the top six states for installed wind power capacity, but this is the first commercial wind farm to be built in Faribault County. This is also Gamesa’s first wind farm project with Exergy.

The construction for the project will create approximately 60 jobs locally and is already under way. Exergy recently finished building the roads and foundations. Gamesa is handling the logistics and installation of the turbines, with nacelles, blades towers and rotors set for delivery in September.

Upon completion, the wind farm will be owned by Exergy’s subsidiary, Big Blue Wind Farm, LLC. Northern States Power will purchase the offtake, which is enough to power about 20,000 homes per year. The wind farm will be completed and operational by the end of the year.