Electric Vehicle Adoption Drive Sales to 130 Million Units Annually by 2025

Electric vehicles still considered secondary to internal combustion engine vehicles, but government support and improved consumer experience will drive adoption.

As electric vehicles seek consumer approval to cross the chasm into mainstream adoption, government support in terms of financial and non-financial incentives has become imperative in order to generate awareness. Government support is not only making EVs more affordable but is also encouraging the view that electric vehicles are a viable alternative to internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

Three new market research reports from Global Information Inc. examine the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities facing the market for electric vehicles.

Light Electric Vehicles 2012 – 2022

LEVs are one of the largest and fastest growing electric vehicle markets. A Light Electric Vehicle LEV is a land vehicle propelled by an electric motor that uses an energy storage device such as a battery or fuel cell, has two or three wheels, and typically weighs less than 100kg.

Today, the LEV industry is dominated by large bicycle companies, due to their access to distribution. We explain why, in the future, these companies will face major competition from, and may be pushed aside by car, motorcycle, and car parts companies. Supply chains for motors, batteries, chassis parts, and nearly every LEV component exist in Asia, primarily in China, Taiwan, Japan, and newly emerging South Korea. IDTechEx reveals where the highest profits will be obtained in future and the opportunities in components as these change with lithium-ion batteries of several generations and supercapacitors being increasingly employed, for example. The more demanding future technical requirements of users and standards are investigated as well.

An Executive Summary for this report and free sample pages from the full document are available at http://www.giiresearch.com/report/ix234991-light-electric-vehicles-2012-2022.html

Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) – Market Analysis, Competitive Landscape and Forecasts to 2020

The global BEV market is currently at an introductory stage, but is witnessing deployment in various countries such as the US, the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, China and Japan. But growth is still slow. The global BEV market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15% during 2011-2020 if proper support is provided by the governments in key nations. Consumer demand will drive the battery electric vehicle market once restraints such as prohibitive price, lack of awareness and lack of infrastructure are eliminated.

The report provides information related to deployment trends and an outlook for BEVs in key geographies. The report covers various aspects of the global BEV market providing market sizing, outlook and competitive landscape analysis. The report analyzes some of the key drivers and restraints affecting the deployment of BEVs at regional and global levels. The report also provides information on some of the existing and upcoming BEV models in the market besides comparing the product features of some of the key BEV models in the industry.

An Executive Summary for this report and free sample pages from the full document are available at http://www.giiresearch.com/report/gd248826-battery-electric-vehicles-bev-market-analysis.html

Electric Motors for Electric Vehicles 2012-2022

Small EV motors become a mere 25% of the electric vehicle motor market value in 2022

It is wakeup time for the electric vehicle traction motor industry. IDTechEx’s survey of 123 manufacturers shows far too few making asynchronous or switched reluctance synchronous motors and larger, high power, motors with strong traction or even exceptionally light weight powerful motors. There are far too many making traction motors with brushes. In short, this is an industry structured for the past that is going to have a very nasty surprise when the future comes. Most of it is not even talking to the vehicle manufacturers that will spend most to buy traction motors in the years to come. Many think easy money comes from pursuing the obvious, notably selling to the fearsomely competitive electric car market where 90% of your customers are headed for insolvency. In China alone, there are over 100 manufacturers of electric cars and none are successful.

An Executive Summary for this report and free sample pages from the full document are available at http://www.giiresearch.com/report/ix216739-electric-motors-electric-vehicles-2012-2022.html