Venezuela moves ahead with wind farm construction of La Guajira


Venezuela, with large oil resources, has not developed just renewable energy. For the generation of electricity depends on hydropower plants of the Caroni River, a tributary of the Orinoco, which causes serious problems in drought years.

The wind energy completes wind hydro production. There are already two wind farms under construction, with Gamesa wind turbines and Argentina’s Impsa.

The government said the wind farm aims to develop 10,000 MW of wind power in the area of the Upper Guajira from Caño Sagua and Cano Paisana.

The company has made Corpoelec transfer from the port of Maracaibo six gondolas W model II P-83, complete with its components and four wind turbines for wind farm La Guajira.

The wind moving equipment from Maracaibo to the Venezuelan Guajira complete the first wind turbines. The transfer is done in 6 stages made up of 36 wind turbines. In the first stage will install 12 wind turbines of 2.1 megawatts each, which will add 25.2 megawatts to the National Electricity System (SEN).