Wind power in Honduras: wind farm with wind turbines from Nordex


Nordex has installed some 4,900 wind turbines with a capacity of 7,500 megawatts in 38 countries.

Nordex wants 300 MW of wind power in Honduras, through Wind R4E.

Nordex is a German wind power company with over 27 years experience and currently manufactures wind turbines in the U.S., from where they intend to export their equipment to Honduras.

Nodex is meeting recently with the Honduran government to reaffirm its confidence in the country and explain in detail their plans for investment in wind power. The meeting was attended by ministers of the Presidency, Marie Antoinette Bográn Guillen, Natural Resources and Environment, Rigoberto Cuellar, Minister-manager of the National Electric Power Company, Emil Hawit and the president of the National Energy Commission, Napoleon Soto.

By the German wind power company attended CEO Nordex USA Inc., Ralf Sigrist, Vice President of Project Development in the Americas, Joseph Fonio and project manager for Central America, Hector Rodriguez.

About 20 people work on finalizing the development of Nordex wind farm projects, aiming to begin construction during 2014.

The development of wind farm projects by Nordex will contribute significantly to the development of the municipalities of San Marcos de Colón in Choluteca and Ojojona in Francisco Morazán, generating local revenues to over 180 landowners.

The first wind farm will be 50MW, enough to cover the annual demand of about 200,000 people in Honduras.

Nordex is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, with its general office for the Americas, Chicago, Illinois. It has offices in 21 countries and manufacturing facilities are in Germany (Rostock), United States (Jonesboro, Arkansas) and China (Yinchuan and Dongying).