Solar energy in Dominican Republic


After starting to develop wind power, Dominican Republic undertakes the development of solar power.


The Dominican Corporation of State Electrical Companies (CDEEE) has signed two contracts for purchase of solar photovoltaic.

Based on the contracts, CDEE buy electricity from two photovoltaic plants with a total capacity of 116 megawatts.

The photovoltaic solar energy projects are for Montecristi and Isofotón, and will be in operation within 15 months in Victoria, North Santo Domingo, and Guayubín, Monte Cristi.

The contracts have been approved by the Electricity (SIE) and the National Energy Commission (CNE).

Solar power plants have an individual power of 58 megawatts, 30 megawatts in addition to the electrical system to provide the photovoltaic plant of Monte Plata.

In a few months, the Dominican Republic with 146 megawatts will come from solar energy. When this is added the 77 MW Wind Farm Los Cocos and Quilvio Cabrera Wind Farm, the installed capacity of renewable energy will reach 223 megawatts.