Lithium-Ion Batteries Continue to Make Key In-Roads into the Market


The lithium-ion battery market continues to advance as high power and high capacity cells increase penetration into large-format applications.

Vying for market adoption, the lithium-ion chemistry competes heavily with established energy storage technologies, such as lead acid, in many of these applications.

However, key performance characteristics have enabled lithium-ion to increase market penetration, resulting in growth opportunities.

Frost & Sullivan Energy and Power Systems Research Manager Vishal Sapru keynotes this year’s Battery Power 2012 event, taking place in Denver, Colo.  Sapru’s address, focusing on market drivers, market size and key competitors dominating this market, will inaugurate the event at 8:00 a.m. MDT on Sept. 18, 2012, with the event wrapping up on Sept. 19, 2012.

His presentation will pull from Frost & Sullivan’s research in the area of energy storage, including Global Lithium-Ion Battery Market and Global Hybrid Electric and Electric Vehicle Lithium-ion Battery Market.

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‘The lithium-ion battery market continues to evolve with focus on grid energy storage, off grid power, telecom/data comm backup, and aerospace/defense applications,’ said Sapru. ‘Military usage is one of the key application areas in the lithium-ion battery market. High energy density and lightweight materials makes these batteries a preferred choice in specific military equipment. Lithium-ion is poised to replace existing bulky, sealed lead acid batteries as well as primary lithium batteries for certain man-portable equipment.’

The 10th annual Battery Power 2012 event will feature 35 presentations on portable, stationary and automotive battery technology, as well as battery manufacturing, materials and R&D. Topics will include new battery designs, emerging technologies, battery materials, power management, charging and testing systems, battery health, as well as the latest market trends affecting the industry.

The conference is catered to OEM design engineers, system engineers, as well as technical and management professionals involved in battery powered products and systems, battery manufacturing, battery technology R&D, and power management technology.