From January to July has sold 290 electric cars in Spain

In July 50 electric vehicles were sold in Spain, a small figure, but showing the progress of the electric car with lithium ion batteries.

The hybrid car registrations rose to 1,063 units during the month of July, an increase of 25.35% over the same month of 2011, according to REVE.

The increase in hybrid sales contrasts with falling car market, which in July saw a decline of 17%, the lowest level for that month since records of registrations.

In the first seven months of the year, sales of hybrid vehicles stood at 6,223 units, resulting in a decrease of 3.77% compared with the same period last year.

Electric vehicle registrations amounted to 50 electric cars in July, with a slight decline of 1.96% over the same month last year.

In the first seven months electric car sales totaled 290 electric vehicles, with a strong growth of 64.77%, although its volume is still very small.


By José Santamarta,