Gamesa to Bring an Additional 48 MW of Wind Power to China

Spanish wind energy manufacturer Gamesa, has recently signed a deal with Chinese company Huadian Group to offer an extra 48 megawatts (MW) of wind turbines to the Liyushian wind farm in the Chinese province of Fuijan.

The deal will allow Gamesa to give its G87-2.0MW wind turbines to Huadian Group, which will be delivered onsite by August 31, 2012.


There has also been some improvements made to the G87-2.0MW wind turbine compared to the G80-2.0MW wind turbine as noted below:


G87-2.0 MW Class S wind turbine includes design improvements to be able to be installed in close to Class I condition sites, increasing energy production compared to the former G80-2.0 MW Class I by more than 8%.


Gamesa, since 2000, has installed near 3,000 wind turbines in China at more than 60 sites.