Masdar role in advancing solar power tech at symposium in Australia highlighted

During his speech, Dr Chiesa provided the rationale behind some of the decisions taken in realising the first concentrated solar power (CSP) plant in the UAE.

Masdar Institute of Science and Technology announced on Sunday that one of its faculty provided an overview of the Institute’s role in addressing the challenges to deploy solar technologies in the UAE where the industry is taking its initial steps.
Dr Matteo Chiesa, associate professor, Mechanical Engineering/Materials Science and Engineering, presented the Australian scientific community with details on the research in solar energy being conducted at the Laboratory for Energy and Nano Science (Lens) at Masdar Institute. The research at Lens focuses on nano-scale energy transport, conversion, and storage, and on the application of nanotechnology towards the development of novel power generation devices and/or systems based on renewable energy sources.
The invitation to Dr Chiesa to participate in the events was extended by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), the biggest research organisation in Australia and the Australian Solar Energy Association, in recognition of the collaborative efforts at Lens among Dr Peter Armstrong, Dr Marco Stefancich, Dr Hosni Ghedira and Dr Amal Al Ghaferi. Dr Chiesa’s visit to Australia came under the CSIRO OCE-sponsored ‘Cutting Edge Science’ programme.
Dr Fred Moavenzadeh, president, Masdar Institute, said, “Presenting our unique research offerings at global platforms further reiterates Masdar Institute’s status as a world-class research-based institution with top calibre faculty. Dr Matteo Chiesa’s extensive knowledge reflects his industrial experience that guides the students at Masdar Institute as directed by the country’s leadership. We believe the delegates at the symposium received greater insights into the solar energy technologies that are being researched at Masdar Institute and others that are implemented in the UAE.”
Dr Chiesa offered three presentations, including the one that focused on ‘Solar Energy Deployment in the UAE: The role of the Masdar Institute,’ at the Sydney branch of the Australian Institute of Energy (AIE).
The presentation was organised in collaboration with the Clean Energy Research Cluster of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Sydney. During his speech, Dr Chiesa provided the rationale behind some of the decisions taken in realising the first concentrating solar power (CSP) plant in the UAE.
At CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, Dr Chiesa highlighted Masdar Institute’s unique research agenda. He spoke on ‘Material Challenges in Developing Solar Power Generating Systems’ and ‘On the role of material science in the design of beam down solar thermal tower technologies.’
Dr Chiesa covered various key areas in the implementation of solar energy technologies presenting novel pathways that include beam splitting and photonic crystals.’