Europe and China offshore wind power industry

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the “2012 Deep Research Report on Europe and China Offshore Wind Power Industry” report to their offering.
“2012 Deep Research Report on Europe and China Offshore Wind Power Industry”
Offshore wind is the mean of a reliable, intensive and abundant renewable energy. This relatively new source of electricity generation, which is capable to meet much of the populated coastal areas need for power around the world, has been also stimulating the development of marine economies with thousands of new jobs.
Recently, offshore wind power has been widely viewed as a feasible way to transform economies from oil reliance to sustainable growth not only to meet government obligations in cutting emissions, but to provide the fundament for a new economic sector. Key actors of the oil and gas supply chains are very welcomed to step into and take an active role in the future advancement of offshore wind power. In fact, we can see how offshore wind is already providing a safety belt for marine industries across the North Sea region in Europe where oil is slowly depleting but offshore wind farm projects have been just started to take on a rapid phase of development. Thanks to strong government supports is clear that Europe is leading the sector which won a decisive role on making the transition to a low-carbon economy possible by the middle of this century. So keeping an eye on what is happing in the EU countries, more accurately off to their shores, is essential to predict the future potentials offshore wind provides for long term investments in other parts of the word, especially in the excitingly growing Chinese market.