Fifth Third Bank Buys 30% Green Power From Missouri Wind Farm

Fifth Third Bank today announced its purchase of 60 million       kilowatt-hours (kWh) of wind power in 2012. Equivalent to 30 percent of       the Bank’s projected 2012 electricity consumption, this wind will be       sourced from the Lost Creek Wind Farm in DeKalb County in northwest       Missouri. As a result of this purchase, the Bank has been inducted into       the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s 2012 Green Power Leadership       Club, joining other organizations that are demonstrating “exemplary       environmental leadership.”

This green power purchase is part of Fifth Third Bank’s broader       corporate environmental sustainability program. In addition to this       support for renewable energy, the Bank is improving the energy       performance of the facilities it owns. Between 2007 and 2011, Fifth       Third Bank cut electricity consumption 14 percent and natural gas       consumption 34 percent at these facilities. Using U.S. average carbon       dioxide emissions factors for electric power and natural gas, our 2011       greenhouse gas emission from these sources were 17 percent lower than in       2007.

“We purchased 30 percent green power to support renewable energy and to       complement our investments in energy efficiency,” said William J. Moran,       senior vice president for Corporate Facilities for Fifth Third Bank. “We       also liked sourcing from the Lost Creek Wind Farm because we do business       in Missouri.”

“Regional business organizations have an incredible opportunity to lead       the way both locally and regionally in reducing the risk of climate       change by choosing green power,” said Blaine Collison, director of EPA’s       Green Power Partnership. “Fifth Third Bank is an excellent example of a       company making a proactive choice to support renewable energy within       their corporate footprint, and by extension, reducing carbon emissions       and protecting public health. We hope others will follow their lead by       voluntarily shifting to renewable energy.”

This purchase places Fifth Third Bank 26th on the EPA’s       latest Fortune 500 list of the EPA’s large green power purchasers, up       from 51st last year. The purchase also earns it membership in       the EPA Green Power Partnership’s Leadership Club. EPA’s Green Power       Leadership Club is part of the EPA’s voluntary Green Power Partnership       program that recognizes organizations that demonstrate exemplary       environmental performance by purchasing 10 times the Partnership’s       minimum purchase requirements.

According to the EPA, Fifth Third Bank’s green power purchase of 60       million kWh will avoid an estimated 53,294 metric tons of carbon dioxide       (CO2), which is equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions of more than       10,000 passenger vehicles per year, or the CO2 emissions from the       electricity use of more than 6,000 average American homes annually.

Fifth Third Bank worked with New York-based green power supplier       Greenlight Energy Group to obtain renewable energy certificates (RECs)       from the Lost Creek Wind Farm. Each REC purchased by the Bank represents       the generation of one megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity production at       Lost Creek and transfers with it all of the positive environmental       benefits arising from renewable energy production, namely the avoidance       of carbon dioxide, a key greenhouse gas. Because RECs are not tied to       the physical delivery of electrons, they allow organizations to purchase       green power from suppliers other than their local electricity provider.       RECs also help overcome a major barrier to renewable energy       development—the fact that the best renewable resources may not be       located close to population centers. All of the wind supplied by       Greenlight Energy Group is certified by the non-profit Center for       Resource Solutions’ Green-e-Energy certification program, ensuring that       RECs are sourced from new renewable generators that meet strict       environmental and consumer protection standards.

For more information on Fifth Third Bank’s environmental sustainability       efforts, please see the Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report at

Greenlight Energy Group is the first and only woman-owned renewable       energy marketing company in the U.S. Industry pioneers since 2003, its       founders have transacted over five billion kWh of RECs over their       careers with some of the world’s most recognizable brands. Helping       clients support renewables, reduce emissions and drive sustainability       through their operations is core to Greenlight Energy’s mission. For       more information, call (518) 499-3555 or go to

The EPA Green Power Partnership is a voluntary program that encourages       organizations to buy green power as a way to reduce the environmental       impacts associated with electricity use. The Partnership currently has       more than 1,300 Partner organizations voluntarily purchasing billions of       kilowatt-hours of green power annually. Partners include a wide variety       of leading organizations such as Fortune 500 companies, small and medium       sized businesses, local, state, and federal governments, and colleges       and universities. For additional information, visit

Fifth Third Bancorp (NASDAQ: FITB) is a diversified financial services       company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Company has $118 billion       in assets and operates 15 affiliates with 1,322 full-service Banking       Centers, including 105 Bank Mart® locations open seven days a week       inside select grocery stores and 2,408 ATMs in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana,       Michigan, Illinois, Florida, Tennessee, West Virginia, Pennsylvania,       Missouri, Georgia and North Carolina. Fifth Third operates four main       businesses: Commercial Banking, Branch Banking, Consumer Lending, and       Investment Advisors. Fifth Third also has a 39% interest in Vantiv       Holding, LLC, formerly Fifth Third Processing Solutions, LLC. Fifth       Third is among the largest money managers in the Midwest and, as of       March 31, 2012, had $296 billion in assets under care, of which it       managed $26 billion for individuals, corporations and not-for-profit       organizations. Investor       information and press       releases can be viewed at       Fifth Third’s common stock is traded on the NASDAQ® National Global       Select Market under the symbol ‘FITB.’ Fifth Third Bank. Member FDIC.
SOURCE: Fifth Third Bancorp