Wind power in Turkey: Wind Farm Through GAMA Enerji

GAMA Enerji’s other wind farm, the 22.5-megawatt Sares wind farm, uses nine 2.5-megawatt GE wind turbines and began commercial operations in March 2011.

GE unit GE Energy Financial Services is pursuing its global growth, reinforcing the company’s ecomagination initiative and increasing renewable energy in Turkey by completing the country’s newest wind farm – the Karadag Wind Power Plant – through GAMA Enerji A. S., the GE unit’s joint venture with GAMA Holding A.S. This project is the  joint venture’s second wind farm in Turkey.

Located in the city of A deg zmir in the Aegean region, the 10-megawatt wind power project began generating electricity on July 4, 2012. Four 2.5-megawatt GE wind turbines, which just surpassed two gigawatts of installed capacity worldwide, are in use at the site. GAMA Enerji’s other wind farm, the  22.5-megawatt Sares wind farm, uses nine 2.5-megawatt GE turbines and began commercial operations in March 2011.”Our partnership with GAMA reinforces our commitment to investing in and building our presence in the global renewable energy market,” said       Andrew Marsden, managing director, Europe at GE Energy Financial Services. “Additionally, we are proud to support our ecomagination       program by assisting Turkey’s efforts to diversify its energy sector.”
The joint venture supports two GE strategies: growth in Turkey and  renewable energy. Turkey is a strategic growth area for GE, which has       been investing in the country for more than 60 years. Meanwhile, GE reports US $21 billion in ecomagination revenues for 2011 and US $105       billion in sales since the program’s launch in 2005. Ecomagination is GE’s commitment to solving the world’s toughest environmental challenges through its innovative products and services, including GE’s 2.5-megawatt wind turbine.With the approval of Turkey’s Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources,       the Karadag wind farm commenced commercial operation, furthering       Turkey’s goal of generating 30 percent of its energy from renewables by       2023. GAMA Enerji estimates that Karadag and Sares will generate enough       electricity to power 59,000 average Turkish homes and avoid 80,000 tons       of greenhouse gas emissions a year.
GE Energy maintains the Karadag and Sares wind farms under a services       agreement, while GAMA Enerji operates them. With a diverse production       portfolio and numerous renewable energy investments, GAMA Enerji aims to       become an investor across the electricity generation spectrum and       increase its total capacity to 2.5-gigawatts.
With a history in Turkey since 1948, GE’s footprint in the country       includes significant partnerships in aviation, energy, lighting,       healthcare, transportation and research and development. With six       facilities and over 600 employees, GE today powers nearly 25 percent of       Turkey’s electricity needs and has provided engines for 60 percent of       the airplanes in the country and 20,000 GE Healthcare technologies,       which are used daily across various hospitals.
About GAMA Enerji A.S.
GAMA Enerji was formed with a platform of power and water infrastructure       assets that were completed by GAMA under a Build-Operate-Transfer model.       GAMA Enerji owns equity in projects which have total electricity       capacity of 1,620 MW, and water conveyance capacity of 242 million       m3/year. GAMA Enerji continues to develop and invest in power and water       infrastructure projects in Turkey and the surrounding region. For more       information, visit
About GAMA Holding
GAMA was established in Turkey in 1959 and has become a leading       international contractor with operations in 17 countries extending from       Ireland in the west to Russia’s Sakhalin Island in the east. GAMA       Holding Companies presently have contracts in 9 countries valued       approximately USD $4.6 billion. Besides serving as an EPC supplier of       power plants and a general contractor of industrial facilities, GAMA’s       core business includes energy investments, managed by its subsidary GAMA       Enerji A.S. For more information, please visit
About GE Energy Financial Services
GE Energy Financial Services’ experts invest globally across the capital       spectrum in essential, long-lived, and capital-intensive energy assets       that meet the world’s energy needs. In addition to capital, GE Energy       Financial Services offers the best of GE’s technical know-how,       technology innovation, financial strength, and rigorous risk management.       Based in Stamford, Connecticut, the GE business unit helps its customers       and GE grow through new investments, strong partnerships, and       optimization of its approximately US $20 billion in assets. For more       information, visit

Wind power in Turkey

1998: 9 MW (- %)
1999: 9 MW (- %)
2000: 19 MW (+111.2 %)
2001: 19 MW (- %)
2002: 19 MW (- %)
2003: 21 MW (+10.6 %)
2004: 21 MW (- %)
2005: 20 MW (-4.7 %)
2006: 65 MW (+225 %)

2007: 207 MW (+218.5 %)
2008: 333 MW (+60.9 %)
2009: 801 MW (+140.6 %)
2010: 1,329 MW (+66 %)

2011: 1,799 MW (+35.4 %)