Wind energy in Brazil: Bahia opened the largest wind farm with wind turbines from GE

Bahia is one of the leaders in the Brazilian production of wind energy. The importance of the state is even larger after the inauguration of a large wind farm, the largest wind power plant in Latin America.

The presentation ceremony took place at the wind farm and attended the Governor Jacques Wagner, other members of state and leaders of the company Renova Energy, responsible for the wind farm.

In total, the wind power project received an investment of 1,200 million reais used in the construction of 12 wind farms and 184 wind turbines from General Electric.

Production capacity is 300 MW of wind power and, in addition to environmental benefits, will create 1,300 new jobs and Guanambi and Caetité Igaporã.

Bay also has 57 wind power projects and the state have attracted more and more companies interested in investing in wind power in the region. An example is the arrival of five industries at the Industrial Pole of Camaçari.

“We are increasing the competitiveness of wind power. We have three factories of wind turbines installed in the state and they are attracting other towers and blades. These companies also bring social development to the region, which suffers drought, lack of employment and income for the population. This is the largest wind farm in Latin America, “said the mayor, Jacques Wagner.

With all the wind potential of the High Sertão could produce wind energy to power a city with two million inhabitants. Another 15 wind farms should still be add to the complex until the end of 2014.

Wind in Brazil

1997: 3 MW
1998: 17 MW
1999: 19 MW
2000: 22 MW
2001: 24 MW
2002: 22 MW
2003: 24 MW
2004: 24 MW
2005: 29 MW
2006: 237 MW
2007: 247 MW
2008: 339 MW
2009: 606 MW
2010: 931 MW
2011: 1,509 MW
2020: 20,000 MW (p)

By José Santamarta,