Improving the Feasibility of Electric Vehicles

Frost & Sullivan hosts complimentary webinar evaluating the technologies key to spurring growth of the electric vehicles market

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California, July 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

WHEN: Live on Wednesday, July 18, 2012 at 3:00 p.m. EDT and available on-demand

LOCATION: Live Online, with free registration

SPEAKERS: Live Research Analyst Wesley Dean for Frost & Sullivan’s Energy & Power Systems practice

Due to volatile and extreme prices, finite supplies, and the dependence upon foreign sources of oil, there is great interest in the development of alternative transportation solutions. Electric vehicles (EVs) are the most ideal choice as a substitute, based on existing technology and the promising expectation of further developments and improvements. This briefing will focus on solutions that will enable increasingly capable EV solutions.

Why you should attend:

Learn about existing and promising new battery chemistries
Realize the importance of supplemental products to increase the adoption rates of EVs
Identify emerging industry trends

This briefing will benefit battery manufacturers, EV manufacturers, component manufacturers, distributors, infrastructure providers, and others, by discussing emerging trends and technologies critical to industry growth.

Supporting Quotes
"Electric vehicles are a great alternative to conventional forms of transportation, yet prices remain fairly high and adoption rates low," said Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Wesley Dean. "Significant improvements to supplemental products, such as momentous reductions in charging time requirements, could be crucial to increasing adoption rates."

Supporting Resources
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