The members of the european stoRE project on energy storage meet at CENER

Specialist technicians from 7 European countries are going to meet today and tomorrow at the headquarters of the National Renewable Energy Centre (CENER) in Sarriguren, to share the latest advances of the stoRE project.

The stoRE project purports to raise awareness about the usefulness of large-scale storage of energy (reversible pumping and compressed air) as a means to facilitate the integration of a greater number of renewable energy sources, such as wind energy, into the electricicity grid. This, in turn, will help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, as well as the emissions of greenhouse gases derived from generating electricity.

The main work lines that the project has established consist in analysing the environmental and regulatory type challenges on a European level, the integration and use of storage systems in general, paying special attention to their use for hydraulic pumping and CAES (compressed air).

In addition, the regulatory framework is studied in the stORE project, including the respective European directives related to the electricity market, in order to detect the main obstacles and propose recommendations to the regulatory entities, thus managing to foster the use of storage systems within the electricity sector.

The following centres have taken part in the project: WIP Renewable Energies (Germany), project coordinators, University College Cork-UCC and Malaschy Walls (Ireland), Helmut Schmidt University (Germany), Energy Economics Group-EEG (Austria), National Technical University of Athens – NTUA (Greece), EMD International (Denmark), ESHA – European Small Hydropower Association (Belgium) and CENER, leaders of the working group on the European regulatory framework