SoWiTec to finish wind farm in Chile

SoWiTec is about to finish the development of the 90MW wind farm Valle de Los Vientos in northern Chile. After 5 years of wind power project planning, the construction phase will be started within the upcoming months and the wind farm is supposed to be operational mid of 2013.

The two final milestones have been reached with the signature of the Land Lease Agreement, Concesion de Uso Oneroso (CUO) that grants public land for the development and operation of the wind farm and the signature of the servitude contract for an area of 48.57 ha for the development and construction of the 110kV electric transmission line connecting Valle de los Vientos Wind Farm to the Substation Calama for a period of 25 years.

The wind energy project is located in the municipality of Calama, within the El Loa province of the Antofagasta Region. The Valle de los Vientos Wind Farm has been designed to include 45 wind turbines.

Wind power in Chile

2002: 1 MW (-%)
2003: 2 MW (+100%)
2004: 2 MW (-%)
2005: 2 MW (-%)
2006: 2 MW (-%)
2007: 20 MW (900%)
2008: 20 MW (-%)
2009: 168 MW (740%)
2010: 172 MW (+2.4%)
2011: 205 MW (+19.2%)