Wind energy in Brazil: 41.2 MW wind turbines startups

Utility Energia dos Ventos IX was granted permission to begin generating from the 19.2GW EOL Jandaia I wind farm at Fortim in the northeastern state of Ceará.

In Rio Grande do Sul the 22GW EOL Força 3 facility belonging to Ventos do Quinhão Energia will also begin operating in the municipality of Palmares do Sul.

The Carcará 2 wind and São Martinho thermoelectric generators have been included in the federal government’s Reidi incentive program, MME said in a note.

Carcará, located at Areia Branca in the northeastern state of Rio Grande do Norte, has an installed capacity of 28MW while São Martinho, in the São Paulo state municipality of Pradópolis, boasts 73MW.

Reidi’s incentives include a five-year tax exemption and access to low interest credit under the national growth acceleration program (PAC).