Gamesa India to expand wind turbines markets

Gamesa India, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Spain’s Gamesa Group, is expanding its wind turbine business to Burma and the Maldives, according to The Hindu newspaper.

Gamesa currently has an installed capacity of 800 MW of wind power in India and has three projects totaling 40 MW in Sri Lanka. Its projects in the Maldives will produce 100-150 MW.

Gamesa India Chairman and Managing Director Ramesh Kymal told the company’s Maldives wind farm projects are interested in power generation facilities of 100-150 megawatts, while Gamesa India is currently in exploratory discussions at the moment in Myanmar.

Myanmar earlier this year transitioned from a military government to civilian leadership, opening up a number of opportunities for foreign investment, the Hindu newspaper reported Thursday.

Myanmar, with its high wind speeds, is seen by Gamesa India and other energy companies as a potentially lucrative major wind power market with the potential for major growth.

Kymal said Gamesa India already has an installed 800 megawatt wind power capacity in India, and the company also developed three cutting-edge equipment designs for low to medium wind speeds for niche markets.

Gamesa has three wind farm projects totalling 40 MW of the installed capacity in Sri Lanka. The company is also focusing on “re-powering” with Gujarat and Tamil Nadu having huge capacities of 1,500 MW and 3,000 MW, respectively, he said.