Windreich AG and Swisspower Renewables AG will co-operate in two wind turbines projects

Windreich AG, German builder and operator of wind power plants with large experience in the areas of on-shore and off-shore operations is today starting a co-operation with the energy-network operator Swisspower Renewables AG and is selling the largest wind-park of Bavaria to the Swiss.

The Wind farm ‘Hof’ was configured and financed by Windreich, erected in 2011/12 and will also in future be operated by Windreich. The wind farm is located in Upper Franconia, west of the Autobahn A9, between Nuremberg and Chemnitz in the County of Hof (Saale). Implemented will be eight wind power facilities Type Enercon E-82, with a nominal output of 18.4 MW and a hub-height of 138 meters producing an annual yield of approximately 39,000,000 kWh.The sales contract encompasses seven 2.3 MW wind-power stations. This equals a performance of 16.1 MW and services 28,000 people with clean electric energy.

The sale of the remaining wind-power facilities to Swisspower Renewables AG provides Windreich AG a liquidity surplus of around 14 million EURO into the cash box after their project financing is returned. The proceeds of the sale of Onshore-Wind parks as well as electric power sales from Windreich’s own power stations secure investments in the area of Offshore and provide for a stable cash-flow for ongoing expenses like e.g. interest payments for the in the market segment Bondm noted bonds at the Stuttgart Stock Exchange.

For Swisspower AG, which is a self-contained enterprise of the Swisspower network of Swiss municipal power corporations, it is first step toward a successful co-operation with the German wind-power pioneer Windreich AG.

Daimler AG took over the first of eight wind-power stations in May of 2012 when that wind farm was opened. The automobile manufacturer intents to provide as much regenerative energy as needed in the network for the operation of all Smart Fortwo Electric Drive vehicles of the latest generation in Germany. With this one of a kind project model, the enterprise, apart from its core business, sets a clear signal and example that CO2 neutral mobility is possible with electric cars and consciously does without the funding support as provided by the Renewable Energy Legislation.