Solaria and ENARSA signed agreement to develop photovoltaics solar energy projects in Argentina

Solaria Energía y Medio Ambiente S.A., solar energy company present along the photovoltaic value chain, from solar modules manufacturing to Power Generation, has signed a collaboration agreement to develop photovoltaic projects in Argentina with the local company ENARSA (Energía Argentina S.A.).

ENARSA, national entity that implements the mandate of the Federal Government with the commitment to promote and develop projects of renewable energy generation, including solar energy, both photovoltaic and thermal, as well as associated local industries, aimed to contribute to the development of an energy mix with renewable energy, diverse and clean, helping to ensure the future supply with inexhaustible energy sources.

The agreement establishes the basis for cooperation to develop a portfolio of photovoltaic projects up to 50 MW, where Solaria will provide all aspects with regards to electrical design, technology, engineering and project management works.

This agreement is aligned with the company`s American growth strategy, where, since 2009, is present with a commercial office in Brazil, as well as in other countries such as Ecuador and Peru with local partnerships.

The company ENARSA, has a long experience in the country energy sector, where has led the tenders process of 1,015 MW in 2009 (GENREN). Also it is managing a short and medium term 150 MW projects portfolio, as part of a long term plan for diversify the national energy mix by promoting renewable energy.

The international presence in new markets is a strategic priority for Solaria, specially in Latin America, where the company will consolidate its business in the coming years primarily in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Peru, being one of its key markets in its long term growth strategy.