Gamesa plans to take wind energy to Maldives, Myanmar

In the Maldives, the company is looking at wind farm projects having scope of 100-150 MW while its work is in an exploratory phase in Myanmar, Mr Ramesh Kymal, Chairman and Managing Director of Gamesa India, told on Thursday.

Myanmar, with higher wind speeds, is seen as a major wind power market, Mr Kymal, who is also Chairman of Renewable Energy Council of CII, said on the sidelines of a conference on renewable energy, “11th Green Power 2012”.

Currently, Gamesa has an installed capacity of 800 MW of wind power in India and also introduced three models of equipment for low to medium wind speeds for niche markets.

He said that the company’s order book of 900 MW until 2013 includes 700 MW (or 80%) of projects, mainly in coastal States such as Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat, and also in Rajasthan.

At an average rate of Rs 5.5 crore to Rs 6.5 crore per MW of installation, investments to the tune of Rs 5,400 crore were made in the 800 MW of projects developed so far. A similar level of investment is likely to be made in the next phase by 2013, he said.

In 2014-15, the company is planning to add another 1,000 MW of installed capacity.

Gamesa has threewind farm projects totalling 40 MW of the installed capacity in Sri Lanka. The company is also focusing on “re-powering” with Gujarat and Tamil Nadu having huge capacities of 1,500 MW and 3,000 MW, respectively, he said.