Electric Vehicles in China

China has become the world’s largest automotive market, and the nation is well-positioned to become a significant exporter of vehicles due to favorable labor costs and experience in mass producing technology and energy storage products. The Chinese government has made vehicle electrification central to its aggressive New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan for growing the automotive market both domestically and internationally and has created many national and local incentives for plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) purchases. Global automotive players have formed an unprecedented number of partnerships and joint ventures with Chinese companies in order to gain access to this potentially massive market.

Government projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the major metropolitan areas are funding the installation of thousands of EV charging stations. The country also has one of the largest lithium deposits in the world, and therefore is likely to become a key competitor in the lithium ion (Li-ion) battery market. Despite these favorable conditions, PEV sales have been far below the government’s goals, and international automakers have been slow to import Li-ion batteries from China due to concerns about quality.

This Pike Research report outlines the market opportunities and challenges for hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and battery electric vehicles in China, along with an examination of EV battery and charging infrastructure trends in the world’s largest automotive market. The report analyzes government initiatives and policy trends, technology and standards issues, and key industry players in China. Detailed market forecasts for each vehicle category, as well as for EV batteries and EV supply equipment installations, extend through 2017.
Key Questions Addressed:

How quickly will the market for plug-in electric vehicles grow in China?
Who are the leading manufacturers of lithium ion batteries for automotive applications in China?
What government policies will drive the demand for plug-in electric vehicles in China, and which cities will see the greatest penetration?
What will be the market segmentation between residential, workplace, public, and private charging equipment in China?
What percentage of the overall bus market will plug-in electric buses capture in China?
What are the major international automotive partnerships that will impact electric vehicles in China?