Wind energy in France: EDP Renewables inaugurates two wind farm plants

The two 10.8 MW plants are located in Marcellois and Massingy-lès-Vitteaux, two towns in Côte-d’Or, in France’s Burgundy region. The annual combined output of the two wind farms will be equivalent to the annual electricity use of 21,000 people.

The inauguration of the wind farms was attended by Frédéric Lanoë, Managing Director of EDP Renewables France and Belgium and François Patriat, the member of the French Senate representing Côte-d’Or and President of the Regional Council of Burgundy.

Equipped with Vestas wind turbines, the output of the Marcellois and Massingy-lès-Vitteaux wind farms meets EDPR’s expectations, guaranteeing optimal operating conditions in the region.

Present in France since 2001, EDPR has 306 MW, or 167 wind turbines, in its portfolio. This installed capacity places the company among the four main players in the onshore wind power sector in France.

It has taken 7 years to complete these wind farms.

EDP Renewables made initial contact with the Marcellois and Massingy-lès-Vitteaux town councils in early 2004.

In March 2007, the company submitted an application to the authorities for a construction permit, which was granted in August 2009.

Construction of the wind farms began in June 2011 and took around 6 months, with operations beginning on 20 January 2012.

Between them, the two wind farms have a dozen 1.8MW Vestas wind turbines.