ABB and VitaeMobility bring 50DC fast chargers network to Belgium

Belgium’s first smart fast charging networks will now have super fast electric mobility for all electric vehicle drivers. VitaeMobility, specialists in e-mobility for all government and business fleet vehicles along with ABB, a leading power and automation technology group will come together to install and maintain 50 Terra Smart Connect DC fast charging stations in a number of locations. ABB was specially selected due to them being the only smart connected charging station in the market that supports electric vehicles charging in quick time.

Through these fast charging stations, vehicles will be charged in a matter of 30 to 120 minutes. All installations of networks and infrastructure will be functional by July end. Fast charging stations are the need of the hour if electric vehicles are to made commonplace. It provides drivers with easy access to fast charging stations and reduced anxiety and stress that is commonly associated with possession of electric vehicles. Together VitaeMobility and ABB will ensure that electric vehicles are made more popular in Belgian markets.

The large scale use of electric vehicles will increase only if infrastructure is well equipped. EVs help in reducing dependency on fuel, it leads to reduced auto emissions and is economical, easy maintenance and less costly in the long run. Besides setting up these fast charging stations, ABB’s local support team in Belgium will also offer support in terms of repairs and maintenance services. ABB will suppirt e-mobility with their SMART grid interface and software services.

News release: VitaeMobility, ABB to deploy a network of 50 DC fast chargers throughout Belgium

Belgium’s first smart fast charging network allows carefree electric mobility for all EV drivers Antwerp, Belgium/Zurich, Switzerland (June 28, 2012) – VitaeMobility, specialists in e-mobility for business and government fleets and consumers, and ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, today announced a partnership to install and manage 50 Terra Smart Connect(SC) DC fast chargers at multiple locations throughout Belgium. The company specifically chose ABB’s Terra Smart Connect (SC) as it is the only smart connected charging station on the market that supports EV charging for company fleets in 30-120 minutes. The first installations for the nationwide network will be in place by the end of July.

Installing DC fast chargers is a necessary next step towards encouraging the proliferation of electric vehicles. It provides drivers with convenient access to state-of-the-art charging infrastructure and reduces range anxiety, a common concern associated with EV ownership. The investment by VitaeMobility to create a fast charging network complements its current business offering, such as a smart car leasing concept, and further demonstrates the company’s commitment towards the ongoing development and support of EV transportation and infrastructure grounded in a sustainable economic model. The collaboration between ABB and VitaeMobility will enable the company to continue its strong growth curve in the Belgium market. The EV charging station infrastructure and services market is set to experience significant growth reaching 1.6 million units globally by 2015, according to Pike Research.

"EV adoption offers more than energy efficient transportation; it helps cut our dependency on carbonproducing foreign fuels, lessens our ecological footprint by reducing emissions and makes economical sense since their maintenance and operations are far less costly in the long run," said Gunter De Pooter, Executive Director of VitaeMobility.

ABB will carry out the installations of the chargers and will deliver network operating support services (NOC) and the backbone IT architecture which provides each web-connected charger with a full range of connectivity features, including remote assistance, management and servicing and smart
software upgradeability. Maintenance and repair services will be taken care of by ABB’s local support team in Belgium.

"Providing customers with data and software services is critical to shifting driver behavior towards cleaner alternatives," said Hans Streng, General Manager of ABB’s EV charging infrastructure group. "ABB’s charging infrastructure offering takes into consideration the entire e-mobility spectrum; from SMART grid interface and software services to technology offerings that allow customers to tailor chargers to their own needs such as their own billing solutions. This will create a more direct relationship with EV drivers."