A Vibrant Future for MENA’s Concentrated Solar Power Industry

The solar power market within the Middle East and North Africa region continues to grow at an encouraging rate with many countries looking to optimise this huge natural resource to sustain a secure energy future.

The banking and financial institutions are even recognising the massive potential of this natural abundant resource. But as one would expect with great financial opportunities there are risks. Dr Mohamed El-Khayat, NREA; Inigo Viani, Abengoa and Dr. Silvia Pariente David, World Bank, plus a leading panel of regional experts, will discuss the latest financial, commercial and technical issues at the MENA Solar Power Forum taking place in Abu Dhabi on 17-19 September 2012.

Key points for discussion:

Creating an investor-friendly policy and regulatory environment for solar power in the MENA region
Identifying robust models for propping up project finance within the current market structures
Supporting the establishment of grid connection between MENA and the European market
Developing innovative technologies that can leverage the strengths and adapt to the unique challenges of the MENA region
Uncovering developments on current projects including Ouarzazate, Sahara Forest and Desertec Initiative

Other high profile regional leaders include:

Dr. Mustapha Taoumi, Regional Programme Officer, North Africa & West and Central Asia, IRENA

Youssef Arfaoui, Chief Renewable Energy Specialist, African Development Bank,

Philippe Lorec, Deputy Director General for Energy and Climate, Ministry of Ecology, Energy Sustainable Development and Town planning, Project Manager, Mediterranean Solar Plan

Dr. Silvia Pariente David, Senior Energy Specialist, Middle East and North Africa Region, The World Bank

Philippe Costerg, Deputy Director PV Solar, Total

Dr. Nancy Rivera, Managing Director, Structured Finance, Overseas Private Investment Corporation

Dr. Marc Darras, Senior Advisor, Strategy & Sustainable Development, GDF Suez