Wind Energy Update: Wind energy supply chain best practice from the oil and gas industry

In Wind Energy Update supply chain series, a 14page report has been produced by experts from inside and outside of the wind industry. Experience in established industries such as automotive, oil and gas, gives the contributors the knowledge to advice on how to implement best practice into the wind supply chain.

The wind industry supply chain is expanding as reported by wind energy update. It is important to implement the successful supply chain strategies of established industries such as; oil &gas, aerospace and automotive. Wind energy’s long term commercial success depends on correct implementation of the supply chain.

An exclusive report created by wind energy update has been produced by leading supply chain experts from inside and outside the wind industry. Contributions from: Kay Biebler project manager of REpower, and leading consultants Kevin Druggan, Bruce Arlinghaus and Stephan Freichel. They discuss the best practice from other industries and how they can be implemented into the wind energy supply chain.

Due to the relatively young age of the industry, the wind supply chain has the opportunity to learn from other industries and implement their successes. Kay Biebler believes “wind has to have its own way with elements of a couple of industries”. Through taking on board what established industries have learnt is right and wrong, wind has the opportunity to be even more successful. Bruce, on this point, explains that “the main thing is that wind does not need to repeat the mistakes made by others beforehand.”

So how does the wind industry ensure that these mistakes are not repeated? In this report Kevin Druggan explains that “Strong supply chains are designed based on principles and guidelines, not management and meetings.” Stephan has a similar feeling , “One of the key areas, where people will lose or make money, I believe, is planning of the supply chain.” So with the right principles and planning the wind energy supply chain can expand, whilst implementing best practice.

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