Wind energy in Tajikistan: wind power use growing

Tajikistan is researching renewable energy production, Energy Industry Ministry official Vaisiddin Tilloyev told in an interview published June 18.

The interview was a response to criticism by Tajik MP and Communist Party chief Shodi Shabdolov, who said earlier nobody in Tajikistan was studying wind energy’s potential.

Solar energy and wind turbines still costs more than hydro-energy to produce, Tilloyev said. "However, the urgency of this issue is very high," he added. "Our country has districts where, for economic, environmental and social reasons, it makes sense to prioritise the development of renewable energy."

Tajikistan has signed memoranda of co-operation on wind energy and solar power with several European firms, he said.

A project costing about US $60,000 (285,700 TJS) and funded by the EU and Aga Khan has brought renewable energy to some private homes, healthcare facilities and schools in mountain villages in Muminabad, Shuroabad and Khovaling districts, he said.

However, the price of wind power and solar energy equipment and the lack of visible examples hinder the development of renewable energy in Tajikistan, he conceded.