Mitsubishi offers affordable electric vehicles

That’s why the premier San Antonio Mitsubishi dealership is proud to offer the Mitsubishi i in San Antonio. The Mitsubishi i is an affordable electric car in a segment that is becoming increasingly popular.

In addition to the affordable sticker price, the Mitsubishi i also offers the obvious advantage of not using any fuel. This saves consumers money by not having to pay the rising gas prices. The Mitsubishi i gets 112 MPGe, which stands for miles per gallon equivalent. Since it doesn’t use any fuel whatsoever, the EPA had to come up with a new system to calculate fuel economy on the i.

Mitsubishi has worked hard to make charging the Mitsubishi i an easy process for consumers. The i comes with a portable charging cable that plugs into a household outlet. There is also a faster working home charging dock available that gives the i a full charge in seven hours. The final option is a quick-charger port that connects to public chargers that will deliver an 80% charge in just a half-hour.

Mission Mitsubishi stocks the Mitsubishi i along with other new and used cars in San Antonio. The dealership can be reached at 877-258-1905 or online at