RWE Mulls Photovoltaic Solar Power Projects in Germany

"Germany will certainly not become a core market for us in terms of photovoltaic solar energy," said Peter Terium, the designated chief executive, who takes charge of the company July 1, "[but] there’s a certain potential for large-scale PV solar projects that could be realized with partners, possibly with municipal utilities."

Photovoltaics generate power by converting solar radiation into direct current electricity using semiconductors.

RWE already cooperates with 29 municipal utilities from western Germany in the area of renewable energies in a joint venture called Green GECCO. So far this cooperation focuses predominantly on wind power.

The comments come after RWE earlier this year said it is reviewing its stance on solar energy after prices for PV technology had fallen considerably over the past few years.

The company previously said it has initiated its first PV solar project in Morocco, where it plans to build a 100-megawatt wind and solar farm, under the umbrella of the Sahara Desert solar power initiative Desertec, which is developing plans to build renewable electricity capacity in North Africa. The project is planned to include 50 MW in wind power generation capacity and 50 MW in solar output.

RWE, which is heavily reliant on coal and lignite-fired power plants and one of the largest emitters of carbon dioxide in Europe, has pledged to improve its CO2 footprint by gradually expanding renewable energy production.