Greening the Olympics

They have converted existing structures and, in cases of new construction, built venues that can be reused as part of an overall reconstruction program for East London, where most of the Olympic competitions will be held. More steel was used in the construction of the Olympic Stadium in Beijing, the famous “Bird’s Nest,” than all of the London Olympic Park buildings combined. New energy infrastructure will enable 50% reductions in carbon emissions from the Park’s permanent buildings. The center of the Olympic Park will be a new green space created through one of the largest planting programs ever undertaken in the United Kingdom. The athletes’ residences at the Olympic Village will be converted to 40% affordable housing after the Games. If successful, the Olympic Delivery Authority’s mission to “leave a sustainable legacy for London and the U.K.” could serve as a model not only for other grand-scale, world-class events such as political conventions, soccer’s World Cup, and the Super Bowl, but also for many communities seeking sustainable economic development through one-time events.

Featuring Pike Research editorial director Richard Martin along with Samantha Connolly, a senior sustainability consultant at CH2M Hill who served as the assurance manager for sustainability for the London 2012 Olympic Delivery Partner, this webinar will provide an overview of the sustainability efforts for this summer’s Games, examine the accomplishments and the legacy of the Green Games, and draw lessons for other events and other communities from the experience of hosting the 2012 Olympics.
Key Topics:

Sustainability programs at the 2012 Olympics
Public response to the Olympics’ construction and development programs
Sustainable economic development centered around one-time events
Sustainable large-event planning and management
Clean technology and best practices at the 2012 Olympics

What does this webinar answer?

How have the organizers of the London Olympics tried to make these the greenest Games in history?
How will the Games contribute to sustainable economic development in East London?
What technologies and systems have been instrumental in achieving the ODA’s sustainability goals?
What will be the legacy of the 2012 Games?
What lessons for other events and communities can be drawn from the sustainability program at the London Olympics?

Who needs to attend?

Event organizers
Sustainability managers
Cleantech vendors
Economic development agencies
Architecture, engineering, and construction firms
Government agencies