Ukraine aims to boost share of wind energy and solar power to 10% by 2030

Ukraine plans to increase the capacity of power plants that use renewable and alternative sources of energy to 10% of the country’s total installed generating capacity by 2030, according to the draft of an updated version of the country’s energy strategy for the period to 2030.

The draft strategy, which has been posted on the Energy and Coal Ministry’s website for public discussion, targets installed capacity for green power generation at 5-7 GW (10-12 GW including large hydropower plants), and annual electricity production by renewable and alternative sources at 11 billion-16 billion kWh (23 billion-28 billion kWh with large HPP) by 2030.

"These figures could increase given a qualitative breakthrough in the development of the technology for construction of renewable energy facilities and, consequently, a significant reduction in the overall cost of generation from renewable sources to the level of the cost of traditional generation," the draft strategy states.

The strategy assumes that the foundation for the development of alternative energy in Ukraine will be wind power. The Energy Ministry forecasts that the capacity of wind power stations will grow to 3-4 GW by 2030, and their annual electricity output will increase to 7 billion-9 billion kWh.

The installed capacity of solar power stations, according to the strategy, will grow to 1.5-2.5 GW by 2030, with annual production increasing to 2 billion-3.3 billion kWh.

The ministry expects that the capacity of small HPP will increase to 0.4-0.8 GW by 2030, and their annual electricity production will grow to 1.8 billion-3.5 billion kWh.

The strategy states that renewable energy should be developed taking into account the capabilities of the unified energy system to receive capacity and the development of cyclable capacity.

"With significant growth of generation from renewable sources, there might be a need to review the mechanism for division of expenditures [between generating companies and power grid owners] on reconstruction and construction of backbone and distribution grids needed to connect power stations to the system," the strategy states.

Wind power in Ukraine

1998: 3 MW (- %)
1999: 5 MW (+66.7 %)
2000: 5 MW (- %)
2001: 41 MW (+720 %)
2002: 46 MW (+12.2 %)
2003: 56 MW (+21.8 %)
2004: 69 MW (+23.3 %)
2005: 77 MW (+11.6 %)
2006: 86 MW (+11.7 %)
2007: 89 MW (+3.5 %)
2008: 90 MW (+1.2 %)
2009: 94 MW (+4.5 %)
2010: 87 MW (-7.4 %)
2011: 151 MW (+73.6 %)