Acciona celebrates Global Wind Day 2012

In Spain these activities have been organized in Lubián, a village in Zamora province (north-west Spain) that has won the prize for the best integration of wind power into the rural environment. The Company has four wind parks in the municipality.

ACCIONA Energy has today organized activities for schoolchildren as part of the events to commemorate "Global Wind Day 2012" in Lubián (Zamora province). The village has won the prize awarded by the Spanish Wind Power Business Association (AEE) for the best integration of wind power into the rural environment.

ACCIONA has organized two workshops on wind power in the village school, one for nursery and primary pupils and another for first-year high school pupils from nearby Puebla de Sanabria, who will come to Lubián for the event. The workshops will examine the use of wind power throughout history and the contribution of renewables to the sustainable future of non-urban areas. Among other things, the younger pupils will see practical examples of how a wind turbine produces electricity.

During the event, prizes for the drawing competition organized by the Company will be awarded to the pupils who have taken part in these activities. The prizes are wind turbine models and study materials.

In Lubián ACCIONA has wind turbines with a total capacity of 116 MW for the four wind parks that belong to the Company. This is the reason why it has actively participated in the events organized by the AEE in Lubián to commemorate Global Wind Day.

The Company has also organized activities in other countries to celebrate the event, for example a visit by local residents of Ballarat and Mortlake (Victoria, Australia) to the Waubra wind park, and school activities on wind power in primary schools at Waubra and Learmonth.

ACCIONA thus joins the international celebration of Global Wind Day, the aim of which is to extend knowledge of this clean and efficient way of producing energy, one that is already a reality in 75 counties. Coordinated by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), last year the celebration consisted of more than 230 events in 40 countries all over the world.