Wind Energy Update: Supply Chain Challenges

An exclusive survey with over 100 supply chain experts was undertaken by Wind Energy Update. The results have been collated. With opinions from the electrical purchasing manager of Gamesa, compare your views of the supply chain with the results from the industry survey.

Over 100 supply chain industry experts took park in an exclusive survey for the wind turbine supply chain content series. Questions were asked on topical supply chain issues. Questions asked include: what component is the most challenging on a wind farm and what is the most crucial aspect of the supply chain at present? The results have now been collated and are available for you to analyse.

The survey produced some interesting findings. One theme amongst the results is that the biggest challenge is reducing costs and finding competitive sources. Juan A Melendez, the global commodity leaders and electrical purchasing manager for Gamesa agrees. Juan explains that his biggest challenge as a purchasing manager is to reduce material costs on a regular basis without negatively affecting quality and product performance.

Another interesting fact was that 43% of the participants believe that the most industry growth has been seen in Europe. It is true that growth in the industry has been seen in all regions, but early opinion was that China would be where the most growth is. China’s growth may be solely in the supply chain. Juan of Gamesa believes that ‘the supply chain is majorly evolving in China.’

Compare your views of the supply chain with the results from the industry; set your strategy and get the full survey results here –