Solar power illuminates the nights of Haiti

As part of the follow-ups of the decentralization program "Katye Pa’m Poze" implemented by Me Thierry Mayard-Paul, the Minister of Interior and Territorial Communities, a dozen solar street lights was installed in the town of Léogâne, Wednesday. This approach met the grievances of the people gathered at the "Community Café" made ​​Friday, March 30, 2012.

Four strategic sites have been selected for the installation of this first series of streetlights: The entry "Bienvenue " of the city, Place Sainte Rose, The Station "Route Neuf" and the Market of Darbonne. Each location is equipped with at least two streetlights equipped with burglar alarms, equipped with a rechargeable battery powered by solar energy of a life of four years. Citizen security is a priority of the Ministry of Interior, the night lighting of public spaces will facilitate the activities of the inhabitants of the area, giving a better look at the city and reduce the rate of insecurity in the region.

The program "Katye Pa’m Poze" launched since March 2012 by the Minister of the Interior, wants to be the real engine of national development and of the decentralization. This achievement in Léogâne is the first in a series of actions that will be undertaken together with the people of various communities across the country. KPP gives voice to the people to accompany the central power in decision making.