Wind Power Solutions Announces Its 85kw Wind Turbines

These 85kw wind turbines are perfect for remote locations where there is plentiful wind and the power can either be used locally or the site owner is near the power grid to sell into the market.

Mr. Myers, the President of WindPower Solutions, explained to us that he starts the process with a new chassis and completely redesigns the turbine with proprietary methods. The units have been field tested in California and WindPower believes that it meets or exceeds its counterparts installed on the same wind farm. These "next generation" Wind Turbines are so durable that the Company offers a comprehensive guarantee.

In addition to WindPower’s next generation turbines the Company offers a comprehensive preventative maintenance program on all wind turbines. Emergency service as well as maintenance is responsive because WindPower operates its own aircraft so that they can respond quickly and even in remote areas.

The parent Company, WindPower Innovations, maintains many strategic alliances and is always on the lookout for acquisitions that fit its business model of a vertically integrated energy company.