Wind energy in China: Goldenwind launches first ultra-low wind turbines

Located in the Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone (Toutunhe District), the Goldenwind wind power company launched its new products, the GW93/1500 series ultra-low wind speed direct-drive permanent magnet wind turbines. The new products will become one of the generators with the highest efficiency in the domestic market.

The GW93/1500 ultra-low wind speed generator, has an impeller diameter of 93 meters, with a normal rated power reaching 1500kw. It is designed for four ultra-low wind farm, with a wind speed of less than 6.5 m/s. The generator units have the largest impeller, the highest generating efficiency and a relatively low cost in China.

According to the design requirement, this generator can produce electricity of more than 2,000 standard hours on the condition that the average wind speed is 5.5m/s. It is planned that the first sample generator will be put into use in Zhucheng, Shandong province. The first product promotion event will be held in Xi’an, Shaanxi province.

With the permanent magnet motor and full power converter technologies, the GW93/1500 ultra-low wind speed generator is easy to connect to the grid. It is also qualified for low voltage ride-through and zero voltage ride-through.

The ultra-low wind speed area refers to the places where the average wind speed is around 5.5m/s to 6.5m/s, and the number of annual utilization hours of the wind machine is less than 2,000. With the development of wind power technology, more low wind speed and ultra-low wind speed resources can be used.