Spreading the word about wind energy in Sofia

On this year’s Global Wind Day, the Bulgarian Wind Energy Association (BGWEA) is holding an outdoor poster exhibition on wind energy. The exhibition is taking place from 11 – 19 June on “Lovers Bridge” near the National Palace of Culture in Sofia. The official opening is on Global Wind Day, June 15.

Bulgaria is still an emerging market for renewable energy technologies with only about 600 MW of wind power installed. How wind energy works and the ecological and economic benefits it brings is still a mystery to many.

BGWEA designed the exhibition to show each and every one of us the technology behind wind energy and how we can harness the power of wind to change the world around us for a better living.

The exhibition will share wind energy insights such as how the wind’s potential is measured, what a “wind rose” is, how towers and blades are transported, what’s inside a wind turbine and how electricity gets from there to our homes. Visitors will also be able to learn the facts behind some of the myths about wind energy. Do modern turbines have issues with noise, agriculture or wildlife, or these have simply been overstated?

BGWEA member companies have provided fascinating photographs of the wind parks they have developed in Bulgaria and abroad. These photos tell us the local success stories in wind energy and the benefits for local communities.

At the official opening, the BGWEA team will be happy to welcome residents and visitors of Sofia at the exhibition and share more information, exchange opinions and celebrate together. Small souvenirs will be given away on the occasion!

We expect to make many new friends and spread the word for renewables as much as possible. We look forward to meeting you there!