Extension urged for wind energy tax credit

Business uncertainty is detrimental to any industry, and with 35,000 jobs hanging in the balance, now is not the time to play politics with this tax credit.

The report that Mark Muro cites has many useful and valuable things to say about long-term energy policy, and the United States certainly needs such a policy to seize a foothold in the new growth industry of wind equipment manufacturing and to keep jobs from being outsourced to other countries.

Still, while we grapple with the difficult process of building a consensus around a new energy policy in a highly partisan political atmosphere, we need to urgently address short-term needs, such as an extension of the federal wind energy production tax credit, to avoid serious harm to a key industry that can contribute to that long-term policy.

ROB GRAMLICH, Senior vice president of public policy American Wind Energy Association, Washington,  www.awea.org