Conergy to build Pakistan photovoltaic solar energy plant

Conergy said yesterday the plant – to be the largest solar power plant in Pakistan – would be built jointly with Hong Kong-based project developer Ensunt Holdings.

Conergy will be in charge of the overall planning, engineering and design of the solar park. “This project is another step forward in our interesting project pipeline for 2012. It underlines the relevance of the Asian solar markets, their growth potential.

“The 50 megawatt power plant is the biggest solar project for the Government of Pakistan. Currently, the region is heavily dependent on hydroelectric plants as an energy source. The results are high fluctuations in the energy supply, power outages or shortages. In response to requests from the President, the Prime Minister and his cabinet are working to prevent the shortage of energy, while providing a clean renewable energy source, sustainable economic development, and job creation in Pakistan,” said Doug Melvin, DPGCL president.

Conergy Asia Pacific CSO Marc Lohoff has said that Pakistan presents enormous potential for the solar business, with only 63 per cent of the country’s population supplied with electricity.

“Due to the decentralised character of this form of energy and the high insolation levels, solar energy is ideally suited to close this gap and to supply the population with safe, clean and affordable energy. At the same time, solar power can support the economic development of the country,” he added.

Parts of Pakistan currently suffer from energy shortages of up to 18 hours per day, which has prompted the government to respond by scrapping import duties on solar technology. It is hoped that such a development will incentivise solar investment and lead to a more stable electricity supply.